Whitty writes with humor, reverence, true curiosity and an unfettered imagination.
— The Los Angeles Times


The PEN USA Literary Award

The John Burroughs Medal Award for outstanding natural history 

The PEN Hemingway Award runner up

The Kiriyama Prize

The Northern California Book Award (a winner & a finalist)

Dayton Literary Peace Prize finalist

Orion Book Award finalist

Commonwealth Club of California Book Award finalist



Articles & Stories

The O. Henry Award

The Society of Environmental Journalists Award

The National Magazine Award (multiple winners & finalists)

The John Bartlow Martin Award

The James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism

The Bernice Slote Award for Fiction

The Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award

Project Censored Award (twice)


Extending ever smaller, deeper, broader, and richer, the ocean’s pelagic zone begins to embrace the properties of infinity. As you pause here, watching the largest of the small sail by, you might remind yourself that little of what is bathing you and buoying you is actually water; it’s almost all life.
— Julia Whitty, The Fragile Edge