LINKS: Full Green Ahead

APPEARANCE: Climate Desk Live in Washington DC

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On Wednesday 27 February at 0930. To discuss Julia's cover story "Full Green Ahead" for the current issue of Mother Jones on how the US Navy is leading the charge into the 21st century on clean fuels and climate change—by navigating the tricky straits where national security and climate security intersect.

Through investments in biofuels, construction of a more energy-efficient fleet, forward thinking about issues like rising sea levels and a melting Arctic, and commitments to reduce consumption and reliance on foreign oil, the Navy is leading a vast energy reform effort to "change the way the US military sails, flies, marches, and thinks."

With Climate Desk Live host Chris Mooney and guests Ret. Rear Admiral David Titley,  former Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy and director of Task Force Climate Change, Captain James Goudreau, Director of the Navy Energy Coordination Office, and Dr. D. James Baker, Director of the Global Carbon Measurement Program of the William J. Clinton Foundation and Former Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under the Clinton Administration. At the University of California, Washington Center, 1608 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington DC. View the invite here.