Photo credits: Julia Whitty author photo / Sharon Urquhart; Full Green Ahead / US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Ryan J. Mayes; The BP Cover-Up / USGS via Wikimedia Commons; The Fate of the Ocean / jk5854 at Flickr; The Thirteenth Tipping Point / NOAA via Wikimedia Commons; The Last Taboo / ©Julia Whitty; Shoals of Time / NASA EO-1 Team; Accounting Coup / Astronautilus via Wikimedia Commons; All the Disappearing Islands / NASA; Gone / USFWS via Wikimedia Commons; Diet for a Warm Planet /  Matthias Barby via Wikimedia Commons; An Arctic Sea Change / ©Julia Whitty; Smuggling Hope / Ondřej Karlík via Wikimedia Commons; The End of a Myth / Andreas Schwind via Wikimedia Commons; Listen to the Lionfish / Brian Gratwicke via Wikimedia Commons; March of the Tourists / ©Julia Whitty; Where Plastics Go to Kill / Anton Power at Flickr; The Power of One / ©Julia Whitty